Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shady Lady Gals Update

We’re 0 for 3 on starts this 2010 Duck Dodge season, and dark, cold, and rainy appears to be the Pacific Northwest forecast for the foreseeable future; however, in non-race-related developments some of our Shady Ladies have been busy puttin’ a ring on it, which makes us now 2 for 4 for marriages. The addition of hubbies and significant others actually started shaking up the all-gal protocol last summer, but we still tried to make an effort to keep the crew testosterone-free on at least some race nights in 2009.

This year, that will be even harder, but we’re working diligently to arrange for some crew reunion dates as our gal-gang becomes busier and more geographically scattered.

Julie and her hubby of one year (Erik) have been busy travelling back east and entertaining out-of-town guests, but as a duo they’re likely to make at least a few Duck Dodge races this year. Last year’s Tropical Night served as one of their honeymoons, so hopefully they’ll engage in a honeymoon-redo this year replete with flower leis, grass skirts, and plentiful piña coladas.

Anastasia just said “I do” a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, new hubby, Steve, is laid up with a patella-tendon injury—requiring a little of that “in sickness” clause to be invoked; however, hopefully as soon as Steve is on the mend, we should be able to lure Anastasia back aboard, and later in the season, we’ll certainly assign Steve a low-impact bartending job for at least a race or two.

Pamela is currently our international gal of intrigue—now living in Italy for the next year and a half. We hope she’ll be able to journey back to join us for at least one Duck Dodge later in the season (perhaps to participate in Julie and Erik’s tropical honeymoon part deux), but in the meantime, we’ve been happy to learn that Pam is looking into sailing opportunities Italiano-style. Way to go, Pamelot!

As for me, the Shady Lady and I have continued to support and encourage my favorite mate, Brian, with his growing love and ever-expanding knowledge of all things nautical. A larger boat and distant ports are definitely on our horizon.

The Shady Lady gals may be engaged in a variety of worthy adventures these days, but being together on the water with our gal pals will always be time we treasure, so please check back from time to time for trip updates and tales of voyages with crew members new and old.

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