Friday, October 30, 2009

And so it begins . . .

October is a rough month in Seattle. The rains start; the days get short, and other than the nearly translucent yellow leaves on the Maple in my front yard, everything else seems to blend into a muted gray-green.

And this October, here in the midst of the great recession, everyone seems to be waiting: waiting for the economy to improve, waiting for jobs to come back, waiting to save money; just waiting--everything seems paused.

But in the midst of all this, Brian is on day five of his new full-time job. After seven months of searching, networking, and exploring every possible angle, he scored a job with nearly no security but limitless potential to earn money, which, while not his ultimate goal in life, is exactly what we need to start the big sailing dream.

The story of the job all started with me having dinner with my friend, Ella. Ella and I used to work together and were overdue to catch up, so, over a couple of glasses of wine on a warm summer evening, Ella told me that she had recently signed on to work with a technology reseller that wanted her to start their Seattle office. She and one coworker were the entire team.

Between bites of teriyaki chicken, I detailed Brian’s struggles to land a job. Ella, always the networker, said, “well . . . I don’t know if we would have anything, but I can show his resume to my boss, and who knows?”

Within days, Brian interviewed with Ella’s boss and was offered a part-time, pre-sales engineer role with the company. Hours would be limited, but it was a start.

Just days later, unbeknownst to me or to Brian, Ella was offered another job. It was a good opportunity for her, so she took it. The boss then cut ties with Ella’s other coworker, and the fate of the Seattle office looked grim. But having nothing to lose, Brian pitched himself to run the Seattle office, and the boss revealed that he had had the same thought but wanted to see if Brian would suggest it. Bingo!

So, now it’s Friday evening at 7:31 p.m., and Brian still isn’t home from his first long week of work. Just one week in, and it’s already been a big change around here. He is up and out of the house early, clean shaven, and frequently wearing his very best duds. The scruffy physics student I met three years ago is now masquerading as a businessman, and at least in our lives, it finally feels like things are starting to change—and in a good way.

This week was good for me too; I submitted my first essay for publication to a local magazine and seem to be having a slight bit more patience with the fact that it looks like we are here in Seattle for another winter—not heading south somewhere on a boat. And knowing that I am now heading into what will be my 12th winter in Seattle, I’m suddenly feeling that I should make the most of it because if Brian’s new job is just the first thing to change, this could be the last.


  1. Oh, that is so great Brian in disguise as a businessman! I'm sure he'll do great!
    The last winter in Seattle line makes me sad, even if I'm away as well... However, you are right, embrace it like it's your last. I can imagine your cozy living room now.

  2. Yeah for you! Yeah for Brian! Congratulations. I love the power of networking through friends. I've never found a job through an ad, always through friends. Good luck with all of your changes

  3. That's how it starts. You think big, dream big, and big stuff comes your way.
    Loved the descriptions of fall in Seattle, how totally acurate.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Janna of The Motion of the Ocean here. And I say amen to dreaming big! Just reading through your fledgling blog, already so much has changed for you, it's amazing. Congrats on Brian's job. Congrats on taking Corbin's class. Congrats on sending to 48 North. Good stuff all.

    Now, if you're setting sail next fall you need a boat to prep. Hrm...



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